WP6 - Dissemination

Lead partner: University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain (URV)

Dissemination aims at sensitizing a wide public on project outcomes and results through activities mainly aimed at target groups and direct users of the service, also taking into account indirect beneficiaries that might benefit from the project (i.e. families and prospective students and local community at large). Different activities will be addressed to the project target groups: partner and non partner universities; companies, firms and the business world; students and graduates, prospective university students; policy makers. Local seminars will be organized to promote participation of students, deans, heads of administrative services, teachers and students organization: this informative session can be potentially accompanied by field visits by EU partners. Project dissemination in international conferences and public events will allow to reach University, national communities , local and national policy makers. The main aim is the dissemination of project results, project impacts and project’ perspective of enlargement. Dissemination tools (as conferences, meetings, local seminars and field visits; web based content communications) will be put in place for both receiving feedback from stakeholders (useful for sustainability and project ameliorating in future perspective) and for promoting project’ potentialities of expansion (Euro-Mediterranean model).