Monitoring meeting on the surveys on job insertion and graduates’ profile

On 17th and 18th June, ISLAH project partners met in Jendouba for monitoring and quality control activities regarding the implementation of the surveys on job insertion and graduates profile (WP2). The meeting, organized by local coordinators of the University of Jendouba in collaboration with AlmaLaurea, was the occasion of fruitful exchanges between Tunisian, Moroccan and European researchers, especially on the survey questionnaire about job insertion, the data collecting methods and task distribution according to the calendar of activities.

The debates allowed all the participants to express their comments and suggestions before defining the final version of the questionnaire. The analyze of the state-of-the-art of administrative data available for each partner university allowed to review and to improve the various strategies of recovering missing data for the production of statistical surveys. Each university also presented their own dissemination strategy and how to raise the students awareness for filling the ISLAH database – one of the main outputs of the project – to be used by Moroccan and Tunisian enterprises to hire young people from both countries.